5 Elements & Power of the Heart Training 50 hours

May 2022, Italy

Summer is the season of the Fire Element.
The Fire Element is related to the Heart, the Emperor of the Body, house of the Spirits.

In ancient Chinese philosophy being ‘Rooted in Spirit’ is an essential part of being a Healer and practitioner of Chinese Medicine.

Western Science more recently discovered the important part the Heart and its endogenic nervous system play in health and healing. Due to long term research by the HeartMath Institute and their development of the HeartCoherence Biofeedback system we can now clearly show, and teach, the essence of a balanced autonomic nervous system response.

Bringing coherence and the power of living with purpose from the heart to daily life will shift your awareness and lighten up your presence.

In this training you will

  • Receive an introduction in the 5 Element philosophy to Golden Path Face Reading
  • Receive a personal Posturology Assesment and Treatment
  • Receive training in HeartCoherence. Including scientific background, how to work with the biofeedback system, daily practices and ways in which you can implement this knowledge in your daily work with patients and clients
  • A daily Ikigai workshop will enhance your personal Coherence work, setting you up for a life in alignment with your true talents and ‘Golden Path’
  • Integrate and present your Ikigai insights to the group, therefore anchoring them in body and mind, as well as within our collective intentions
  • Daily Body integration of 5 Elements wisdom with Qi Gong practises, Mindfull movement and walking meditation
  • Learn to conduct a Fire Ceremony both at the start and end of this training.

Structure of the course

Day 1

  • Qi Gong Practise – the basics of posturology and Qi Gong posture.
  • Introduction to the 5 Elements using the Face as an example of 5 Element expression in the body. 
  • Ikigai Q1 – workshop
  • Mindfull Walking Meditation – Neutral observation

Day 2

  • Qi Gong Practise
  • HeartCoherence Training Power of the Heart – Part 1
  • 5 Elements Face reading Earth & Metal
  • Ikigai Q2 – workshop
  • Mindfull Walking Meditation  – Quick Coherence Meditation

Day 3 - New Moon

  • Qi Gong Practise
  • HeartCoherence Training Power of the Heart – Part 2
  • 5 Elements Face reading Water & Wood
  • Ikigai Q3 – Workshop
  • Heart Centering Silent Walking Meditation

Day 4

  • Qi Gong Practise
  • HeartCoherence Training Power of the Heart – Part 3
  • 5 Elements Face reading Fire
  • Ikigai Q 4 – Workshop
  • Attitude Reset – Coherent Communication Walking Practise

Day 5

  • Qi Gong Practise
  • Ikigai Integration and Presentation of each participant
  • Lecture on the Science of vibrational medicine and the power of Intention
  • Power of 8 Practice
  • Farewell Dinner – Closing Fire Ceremony

The Teachers


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Course will take place at ‘A Way’ at Barbolana, Tuscany, Italy

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First option : €1497

Includes full board/accommodation(double room)/hand outs, workbook and materials/ personal Heartmath biofeedback system that can be used on iphone/ipad/android device

Second option : €1997

+ Pre- and Post retreat online coaching incl. 1 Face Reading, 1 Golden Path Reading and 1 Implementation coaching call 3 weeks after the retreat.

Are you interested or do you want to sign up for this training check out the sign up page: