5 Elements, Tai Chi & Yin Yoga Teacher Training 100 hours

October, 2022, Portugal

Experience the Timeless Wisdom of Chinese Medicine, Yin and Tai Chi

This Yin Yoga Teacher Training draws together elements of Hatha Yin Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Face Reading and Tai Chi. The course is designed to help you to understand and balance the Yin and Yang energies within yourself and in your life.
In this course, you will learn how to create and teach Yin Yoga practices as well as learning the specific therapeutic benefits of each Yin asana. The Yin practice is supported by the Chinese 5 Element approach to life, which touches every aspect of our body, mind and emotions. In addition, you will have daily Tai Chi classes and learn about the ancient and fascinating art of Face Reading, both also operating under
the 5 Elements framework.

Tap Into the Flow of the 5 Elements and The Tao.

The intention of this Yin Yoga Teacher Training is to immerse students in the deep wisdom of the ancient Tao. Tao means “The Flow” and this Yin Yoga Teacher Training gives students a direct experience of this flow of life through Yin Yoga and Tai Chi.
The course explores the 5 Elements through a Chinese Medicine perspective, exploring each element in turn to provide insights into life, health and practice. Students will learn the essentials of Yin Yoga and how to develop practices based on the health giving 5 Element approach. A base foundation in the Taoist practice of Tai Chi will teach students how to flow in “The Now of the Tao”.

The Yin Yoga: Theory and Practice

Yin Yoga is a unique practice in the sense that it helps us balance out our ‘yang’ [active] lifestyle and yoga practice with ‘yin’ [calming] energy. During this training, we will explore this practice thru the lenses of the 5 Element Theory of Chinese Medicine.

We will spend 2 days on each element, exploring it’s essence thru direct experience in our yoga practices, as well as in lecture. Each Yin Posture has healing aspects that activate specific meridians and help healthy “Chi” or energy to circulate.

During our asana clinics we will explore the main poses of the yin practice, how to modify the poses to suit the different bodies, how to use props and how to use the 5 Elements as a framework for creating yin sequences. We will also dedicate time to practice teaching in small groups and one-on-one.

If you enjoy Yin Yoga, you will love this Yin Yoga Teacher Training course. Not only does the course take you deeper into understanding the Yin practice, you will also learn profound things about yourself, health, emotions, cycles and life.

Chinese Medicine

By understanding the 5 Elements and how they function, students will gain a profound knowledge of the essential nature of themselves and the universe. They will learn how to view the universe through the lens of the 5 Elements and tap into nature’s healing wisdom. Knowing the 5 Elements will help students and teachers to be able to create Yin practices that activate the natural power of the 5 Elements.
In addition to the 5 Elements, students will learn about the concept of Yin and Yang, Chi and the 12 main energy pathways in the body, and the corresponding organs and emotions, which will help inform their Yin yoga practices and teachings.
Knowledge of Chinese Medicine also helps students understand how the Yin yoga postures can be utilized to encourage healing, balance, vitality.

Face Reading

Using the face for diagnosis is one of the original aspects of Chinese Medicine. This is because the face is a map of life experience and a blueprint for the body’s functions.
During this course, you will learn which areas of the face correspond to each of the Elements and their respective organs, as well as identifying the signs of strength and weakness related to each of them.
From the facial markings, features and colours, you will be able to assess signs of illness and discover the underlying psychological and emotional issues affecting one’s health.

Tai Chi and the Tao

The traditional ‘yoga’ of China is Tai Chi, the practice of flowing with Yin and Yang. The practice will introduce students to the essential movements of Tai Chi as well as the wisdom of the Taoist way of life.
Tai Chi has very deep and profound elements to it, and we will introduce you to this wisdom of “The Way”, or Tao and how to practice it through movement and through life. The Tai Chi practices work under the same principles as the rest of the course so there is complete integration between all the components of the course.


This Yin Yoga Teacher Training is accessible to students of all levels. We do not require that you have completed a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training to attend, provided that you have had some practical experience and your interest is genuine.
That said, this course is a 100 Hour Advanced Teacher Training Intensive which is accredited by the Yoga Alliance which you may add toward your existing 200 or 300 hour accreditation.

This training is offered in partnership with Swara Yoga Academy and certificates will be issued under their School Registration with Yoga Alliance.

What our previous students say about it:

Yin yoga and The five element system contributed to big changes in my practice, my teaching and in my life. Marcela and Tobias managed to share their deep knowledge about the elements and yin yoga in such an interesting, genuine, fun and profesjonal way. I will definetily take more cources with them, and will highly recommand them!


The Venue

The course will take place in Casal do Frade, a charming Eco Farm located in a natural reserve and just few minutes from breath taking beaches.
It’s cosy and relaxed atmosphere, surrounded by it’s pristine and natural environment, is the perfect set-up for our training.
This charming place was specially made for you to feel at home. The rooms are based on double and triple occupancy, all with private bathrooms. They are located on ground floor and open right out onto terraces and gardens.
The location features a saltwater pool, tennis court and a holistic spa. You can rent bicycles to explore the area or enjoy a 20 minute walk to Beach of Meco.

Casal do Frade is situated in the Natural Reserve of Arrábida, just minutes from Beach of Meco and 2 kms of Aldeia do Meco, a quiet and charming place, with excellent fish and seafood restaurants and bars.

Beach of Meco is internationally known for its naturist beach. The long sandy beach is protected by cliffs, where green clay naturally flows, and provides the scene for stunning sunsets.

Casal do Frade is located less than an hour drive from Lisbon’s International Airport.


Rua do Casalinho, 2970-050 Aldeia do Meco Sesimbra PORTUGAL

The Teachers

Marcela Mota

Marcela will lead the Yin classes, asana clinic and teaching practice.

Read More about Marcela

Tobias Tang

Tobias will lead the Chinese Medicine and 5 Elements classes and face reading.

Read More about Tobias

Randall O'Leary

Randall is the host and organizer and will lead the Tai Chi classes and elemental asana classes.

Randall has been a dedicated explorer of Yoga since 1991. Alongside his studies of classical Hatha Yoga, Randall has studied a variety of styles including Iyengar, Jivamukti and Viniyoga.
Randall began teaching in 1995, and began the Jungle Yoga Teacher Training School which delivered 200 Hour & 300 Hour Teacher Trainings for over 10 years, merging into the Swara Yoga Academy in 2018.
Randall’s teaching style is primarily focused on cultivating an asana practice that builds & sustains a high level of Prana – our life force energy. Inspired through his studies of Tai Qi and Viniyoga, Randall shares his unique approach to Pranayama, which he called Swara Yoga. This system gradually deepens into Advanced Pranayama sequences which allow his students access to a comprehensive, embodied understanding of the infinite power within the breath.
Randall’s classes are enriched with philosophy stemming from his studies of Hatha Yoga, Tantra, Ayurveda & Indian Mysticism, and are balanced by his unapologetically playful nature and love for Reggae music.
In 2006, after many years studying with his Guru in India, Randall was initiated into the ancient Indian spiritual order of Sadhus and is honoured to share many unique tools from his sacred tradition.
It is his aim to inspire every student to pursue a practice that is overflowing with energy and joy, that spills out into their world and transforms their relationship with life itself.

September 7 – 17, 2020

Arrival Day: September 6

Departure Day: September 18

Cost € 2,460

Early Bird Price (Before April 1) € 2,260

* The course fees includes accommodation and 2 meals per day plus coffee and tea and snacks. Food is vegetarian and vegan. Rooms are double or triple occupancy.