The Alchemy of growth

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be extremely successful in a very short period of time while you or others keep struggling with the same issues over and over again? What is it that makes some adaptable to change while others tightly hang on to the old – staying stuck in unwanted […]

Kingfisher Medicine

As a humanity we are in the midst of huge change and transformation. Think of a ship – one of those grand cargo container carriers, many football fields large, weighing tons. When a ship like that needs to take a turn, it will start correcting its course many miles before the actual turning point. And […]

Cleaning House

How to navigate the end of the warm summer days As we leave the hot summer nights, feel the cooler days, and witness Nature transcend into a more Yin state of being, are you following this rhythm or already longing for those warm days to return? How we transition with the seasons and the drumbeat […]

Let’s FACE it

A face shows us more than a million words –  And what if I told  you that the shape of your face, the size of your forehead, the lines on your face, the shape of your eyebrows, the width of your mouth, the color of your skin and much more, all gives a detailed description […]

Ikigai – 4 questions that may change your life forever.

When studying the relationship between health and happiness I came across a Japanese word that struck a chord within me: IKIGAI. Researchers studying longevity and healthy aging found certain ‘Blue Zones’ around the world. The people living in these areas not only had significantly longer life spans, but they also reached old age, sometimes 110+ […]

It´s winter time! Now what do I do?

Which energy pathways and organs are we targeting? – Kidneys and Urinary Bladder organs and meridians. Which Yin Yoga Asanas help to balance the Water Element? – Butterfly – Half Butterfly – variation to center – Half Butterfly – variation over extended leg – Dangling – Squat – Reclining Twist – Final relaxation and meditation […]

How to welcome a higher sense of Groundedness and Belonging?

Which energy pathways and organs are targeted when working on the Earth Element? – Spleen – Stomach Which Yin Yoga sequence can help you balance the Earth Element? – Reclining butterfly – Happy baby – Half saddle – Dragon – Sphinx variation with knee out to side – Butterfly – Reclining twist – Final relaxation […]

Grief is the emotion of Metal Element. How can we balance It using Yin Yoga?

Which energy pathways and organs are we targeting? – Lungs and Large Intestine Meridians that run on the upper part of the body. Which Yin Yoga sequence can help you balance the Metal Element? – Melting heart – Open wings – Crushed wings – Supported fish pose – Reclining twist – Final relaxation and meditation […]

How to invite more Joy into our lives using Yin Yoga ?

Which energy pathways and organs are related to the Fire Element? Fire is the only Element that has two pairs of meridians associated with it, instead of just one like the other Elements. They are: – Heart and Small Intestine – Pericardium and Triple Heater Why is the heart so important according to Chinese Medicine? […]

Feeling Angry? This Yoga Pose can help you!

In Chinese Medicine, every emotion is associated with a specific organ in the body. For example, anger is associated with the Liver and Gall Bladder, fear with Kidney and Urinary Bladder, worries with Stomach and Spleen, and so forth. This means that, imbalances in the physical organ can have an impact on our emotions and […]