Body Work/ Massage

Body work in skilled hands is amazing to release tense muscles and calm down a stressed body and mind. My view on the human organism is holistic, and my approach aims to find the root cause of the issue, instead of just treating symptoms.

Massage is another word for touch and can be used to decrease pain, eliminate toxins, increase blood circulation and enhance the overall energy level  of the body.

Bodywork is also a great way to increase your own body awareness.

As bodywork was my initial step into the Healing Arts I have,  over the years after treated thousands of clients evolved to have my own “ signature” touch.

Nowadays though, I mostly use it as  a supplement to my acupuncture sessions but in some cases hands on bodywork for an hour or more can truly lift the spirit and be all that your body needs to rest into balance once again.

The session will take place on a massage table, and I use soothing organic essential oils in my bodywork treatments

My first training was a 2 month intensive of 400 hours in Sri Lanka in 2001.

It is based on the principles of Ayurveda also known as the  “Science of Life”.

I also have trainings in deep tissue, abdominal and organ massage together with Tuina, which I learned while studying to be a Chinese Medicine Practitioner. 

I use my skills I attained through Reiki  and Level III Reconnective Healing  when I intuitively work with hands on body work.