Cleaning House

How to navigate the end of the warm summer days

As we leave the hot summer nights, feel the cooler days, and witness Nature transcend into a more Yin state of being, are you following this rhythm or already longing for those warm days to return? How we transition with the seasons and the drumbeat of Nature gives insight into our internal being and what Element is strong or challenged within us.

What is the invitation of Fall/Autumn according to Chinese Medicine?

As Fall is approaching fast, the trees lose their leaves and prepare to go into a more reflective state of being. So, as with Nature, you may want to ask yourself if there is anything you need to shed to stay sane and centered during this time. Are there any beliefs that are not benefiting your being and would make sense to leave behind? Is there a person that is not good for you? What are you ready to let go of?

Which Element of Chinese Medicine and organs correspond to Fall?

Fall is represented by the Metal Element and the organs of Lungs and Large Intestine. This is a great time to cut away unwanted “debris”, like a hot knife (metal) cutting through butter. Nature is inviting us to “clean house” and any effort in this realm is greatly supported by this season.

Where do I start?

– Clean blankets, carpets, duvets, couches, etc.
– Give away old clothes and shoes or new ones that haven’t been worn in a long time.
– Clear out your papers: old bills, random papers, junk mail, and also your computer. Organize your desktop and delete all unnecessary files.
– If you have kids, invite them to join in and clear out their clothes that they don’t like or don’t fit anymore, and the toys that they no longer play with. Take them with you to a place where you can donate them to other kids.
– Look in your kitchen cabinet. Do you need to throw away old cans of tuna (with a lot of heavy metals)? Is it time to look at the ingredients of some of your “dirty foods”?
– What about your cleaning materials? Are they stuffed with dodgy “numbers” and “flavors”?

Now is the time for a clean start!

How does this relate to my emotional state?

The emotion represented in this Element is Grief and the transcendent emotion is Gratitude. If you are like me, feeling the grief and pain of the planet is something that happens daily. The thing is that this grief is not mine to hold – or yours either. We can practice compassion and empathy for people less fortunate and help where we can. We can practice gratitude for the smaller things in life or the big things.

Practicing gratitude is essential in these times of the unknown. The side effect of this is that it will boost your immune system. Deep breathing, as represented by the Lungs, will further help along these lines.

The season is asking us to go inwards and downwards, like underground where all the precious metals are located. Like the diamond that gets polished to show its clarity, so can we “cut away”, clear out, and get clarity. As within, so without.

Want to know more about all of this and get more practical tips on how to move forward in alignment with the teachings of Mother Nature?

This month we will have our second FREE Live “Tea around the bonfire”. It will be a casual chat, with a cup of tea around the fire where we will talk about immune support, detox, and cleansing on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

So come and join us (Tobias Tang & Dr. Nienke Stoop) later this month for a conversation on how we can do this the best way.

We will touch upon the different ways we can greatly enhance our health and stay centered in these unprecedented times. Be it physical, emotional, and spiritual.

To your health, and mine,

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Cleaning House

How to navigate the end of the warm summer days As we leave the hot summer nights, feel the cooler days, and witness Nature transcend into a more Yin state of being, are you following this rhythm or already longing