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To help you along a little deeper into the discovery of your Ikigai and the  ‘4 questions’  that can assist you in this process we are having a few suggestions for you to get to your specific and personal answers.

Take out your Journal and a pen, write down the answers that come to mind!

  1. Ask several people around you to tell you what they think you are good at. What do they see as your biggest talent? It can feel a little difficult to reach out to friends and family with this question, but it can bring about so much more understanding about yourself and your role in the world. 
  1. You do not necessarily need to be good at something you love to do, so question yourself also about your not so great talents that just are dear to your heart. Within the realm of that joyful zone where you forget time, place and people, is a central theme that stirs your soul. Whenever you connect with the subject or place of joy within or around you, you feel younger, more playful and carefree. Cherish this zone, let it speak to you.
  1. Whats your profession, or could be your profession?
    What is something you can be paid for to do ?
    Often we do not realize that our ‘zone of genius’ is actually something that others might freak out about completely if they had to do it.
    Since something is coming super naturally doesn’t mean it isn’t super valuable. So something you could actually be paid for, even if you are happy to do this for free because you love it so much, is a profession!
  1. Feel into what you specifically think is the biggest need for a better world right here and now. What do you instinctively feel is of importance for the earth and her species? What have you always felt drawn to, even as a kid, to step up for, to call out to others? Look at your social media time line. What are the petitions, subjects or social matters you have shared about that are closest to your heart? Which people or organizations do you feel naturally drawn to, to help, support or share their vision? What is the central theme and focus of your care?

Take a large piece of white paper, a pair of scissors , glue and a stack of old magazines. Now use your imagination and the answers above to create your own IKIGAI vision board. 

Paste images that resonate with the different answers in their specific corner of the IKIGAI flower and then place the end result in an area of your house where you can see it daily so it will remind you of your personal vision for life.

Great if you can post a picture of the end result on  Instagram and Facebook using the #5ElementsWisdom #Ikigai 

Make sure to tag us @5elementswisdom so we can celebrate your Ikigai along with you!

Nienke Stoop

MD-Acupuncturist, Integral Health and Fertility Specialist

Nienke Stoop passionately combines her knowledge of Western medicine with Eastern Healing traditions, insights from integral psychology and shamanism. Her work centers around Fertility, Pregnancy care and the Birthing of new life on earth. Besides assisting you in finding your Soul’s Purpose.


Nienke is one of the co-founders and creators of the 5 Elements Wisdom Academy. Read more ..


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Marcela Mota

Yoga Teacher Trainer

Marcela is passionate about assisting people in becoming the most authentic version of themselves.


She is one of the creators and Co-founder of 5 Elements Wisdom Academy and is also a Yoga Teacher Trainer, having facilitated more then 20 Teacher Trainings and certified over 300 Yoga Teachers from all over the world.


She believes that yoga unlocks the potential inside each one of us and opens the path to a very profound knowledge of who we really are. Read More about Marcela here…