It´s winter time! Now what do I do?

Which energy pathways and organs are we targeting?

– Kidneys and Urinary Bladder organs and meridians.

Which Yin Yoga Asanas help to balance the Water Element?

– Butterfly
– Half Butterfly – variation to center
– Half Butterfly – variation over extended leg
– Dangling
– Squat
– Reclining Twist
– Final relaxation and meditation

Hold each pose for 3-5 minutes. Take a rebound (break) of 1-2 minutes between each pose. Rebound can be in child’s pose, savasana shape, or any other comfortable pose for you.

Which season is it related to?

Winter – the winter teaches us that the only way to fully enjoy the powers of the season is to surrender to it and learn from what it has to offer us. In the deep stillness of nature, winter calls us to look into our depths, to reconnect to our inner being, to befriend the darkness within us and around us. In winter, all of our energies are being called to examine the depths of our being.

Which emotion is associated with Water?

The depth—our core—is the place where most of us are afraid to journey. The emotion associated with this element is Fear. When Water is out of balance, fear becomes an obstacle to movement.

How can water imbalances manifest in the mind?

– It might manifest as chronic anxiety or as an intense phobia.
– Having no ground to stand on.
– Being afraid of the Unknown.

How can water imbalances manifest in the physical body?

– Lower back pain—chronic or acute; often between lumbar vertebrae 2 and 3 where the kidneys reside on both sides of the spine.
– Knee pain.
– Fatigue and shortness of breath.
– Traditional Chinese Medicine says that excess fear injures the Kidney energy while a dysfunction in the Kidney energy, in turn, further increases our fear.

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