Let’s FACE it

A face shows us more than a million words –  And what if I told  you that the shape of your face, the size of your forehead, the lines on your face, the shape of your eyebrows, the width of your mouth, the color of your skin and much more, all gives a detailed description of personality, strength and weaknesses of organs, your physical and emotional state and what it is that makes you unique?

There are clues everywhere on the face and if we can learn to decipher them we can get an insight into ourselves and the people around us.

There is a fancy word for face reading, physiognomy. The Greeks used it, The Egyptians and of course the Chinese Medicine practitioners used it as a diagnostic tool.

We can´t see what has happened to a person but we can see how certain situations have affected them.

Face reading is the most straight forward way of “sensing” a person  and to see who is standing in front of us. We all read faces…..All the time, but how about learning all the specific hints that are marked in that little  area known as the face?


I have just started working on my own face. I could see that my “Lost love Lines” were getting more pronounced and when I felt into it, “ The lost Love” was a part of myself that I had left behind. The Lost Love Lines shows from the inner canthus of the eyes and runs down the cheeks.  The length of the line, the depth and coloration all give a clue to how pronounced the “issue” is.

I used to play tennis in my youth, I was a danish champion and part of The National Team. I loved the game but at the age of 20 I stopped. It was something that gave me great joy. Meditation, Qi Gong and Yoga have given me peace, centeredness and good health, but I realized the child like joy I got from Tennis was missing.

So now I’m working on “the lost love lines” on my face….. by playing tennis.

Lets see in 6 months time…. The lines should have lessened when I regain “My lost love”.:)

This is just one way to work on the face… And I´ll tell you:
Its more effective, sustainable and healthier than botox.

As a Master Face Reader I am of course very excited about this ancient form of “reading faces”, and if it has also spiked your interest, I can warmly recommend my teacher and friend Lilian Pearl Bridges book, “Face Reading in Chinese Medicine”.
She is the no 1 authority in the world on this subject, and all I know  about faces is from her wisdom and guidance.

In our 5 Elements Wisdom Academy we have our Master Training where you will learn this ancient art… and greatly enhance your interpersonal communication skills. It will be taught by me, Tobias Tang, and my fellow Master Face Reader colleague Dr. Nienke Stoop.

Learn more about upcoming trainings that offer the Face Reading modules:
Wisdom of the Ancestors
Power of the Heart

Would you like to experience a Face Reading with one of us? Read more about sessions here.

P.s: Until further notice. Lets face whatever life sends our way.:)

By Tobias Tang, Co-Founder of 5 Elements Wisdom Academy

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