The Alchemy of growth

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be extremely successful in a very short period of time while you or others keep struggling with the same issues over and over again?

What is it that makes some adaptable to change while others tightly hang on to the old – staying stuck in unwanted situations like uninspiring jobs, non-functional relationships, dreadful cities, or family arguments that won’t come to a resolution if all stays the same?

The biggest reason I have found so far is this bold and confronting truth: people want the results – the growth, fame, and fortune – but not the change.

So there are moodboards, affirmations, many dollars spent on trainings, workshops, and courses on ‘how to reach…’ And even though people follow the steps and start out enthusiastically in the beginning, after a while the discipline and power start to slack. The old pattern takes over again and the search for ‘the next shiny object’ is on its way…

Now what if you – in this time of great collective change – want to make a big shift? Then what will be needed this time to really stick to your plan and make it work? To be one of those steadily growing successful people making a big impact on the lives of others?

Success requires you to be willing to change. A willingness that makes you think about who you need to BE in order to fulfill your destiny.

What old patterns, beliefs, and habits do you need to let go of? What unresolved issues amongst friends and family need to be forgiven?

Growth means change. So re-invent yourself.

Find new ways of being that match the new, successful you. Where are you holding back your power, and how can you reclaim it?

Stepping back – observing the process – allowing grace and inspiration to be your guides along the way – is an important part of this work too.

Trusting your higher self and the universe have come up with a plan that quite likely is even better than what you can simply imagine.

But it’s also about taking the small practical steps that are in alignment with your bigger vision, embodying the growth you aspire.

In a time of great change, it is easy to get lost in all that is not ready yet, not perfect yet, not exactly as wanted. It is easy to focus on what is wrong with ourselves, others, or the world. But this isn’t helpful. Quite likely this focusing on all that isn’t perfect yet will drive you back into the old, non-functional ways of before.

Many of us are more comfortable with their known discomforts than with the unknown future.

Beating yourself up about all you haven’t reached yet is not going to help either.

A gentle, loving attitude towards yourself and the process is needed most.

Change is ‘work in progress’. It is constantly focusing on where you are going, imagining your ‘future self’ embodying a new life. So question yourself about this ‘new self.’

Who do you need to be in order to fulfill your dreams? How would you look? How would you move, act, and function in your daily life? Who is in your presence? What is the greater impact you would make in the world? How would your changing contribute to the well-being and lives of others?

To manifest the gold you aspire to, you need to embrace the ‘lead’ that is here: The shadow, the moments you still hand over your power to others and forget to believe in yourself.

Allow the alchemy of change to occur by taking a closer look at these moments. Be mindful. Recognize the pattern, and choose to act differently.

Then ask yourself:

Where in my body am I holding back my wholeness and true self? Where am I not expressing my power yet?

Which parts of me need healing right now in order to be able to move into the next step?

By taking a new course when challenging times happen, you powerfully act from the new you. When you shift, others will shift too.

Trust the process.

Are you willing to put in the work? Are you willing to be with the discomforts of growth?

I know for sure if you do, you will reap the benefits!

Do you want to take this journey to the next level?

Then join us live on November 26th for our Online Training – Embodying the Alchemy of Change!

Date: November 26
Time: 4 pm-5:30 pm European Time (Amsterdam)
Place: We will be meeting you in a Zoom room, the training will be recorded so if you can’t make it live you can watch the replay.
Price: €20

We strongly believe true transformation is a body-mind experience. Real change happens in the body, therefore this training will cover both theory AND bodywork.

We will be sharing background information on the nervous system, body-mind interaction, and the way we can support our bodies in the embodiment of bliss. This theoretical introduction will be followed by a meditation and yoga practice, including self-help touch techniques that release unconscious tensions from the nervous system.

Getting you all ready to leave 2020 without any ‘unfinished business,’ making 2021 the start of a new era of an empowered you.

Nienke Stoop passionately combines her knowledge of Western medicine with Eastern Healing traditions, insights from integral psychology, and shamanism. Her work centers around Fertility, Pregnancy care, and the Birthing of new life on earth. Besides assisting you in finding your Soul’s Purpose.

Nienke is one of the Co-founders and creators of the 5 Elements Wisdom Academy.

Marcela Mota is passionate about assisting people in becoming the most authentic version of themselves.

She is one of the creators and Co-founder of 5 Elements Wisdom Academy and is also a Yoga Teacher Trainer, having facilitated more than 20 Teacher Trainings and certified over 300 Yoga Teachers from all over the world.

She believes that yoga unlocks the potential inside each one of us and opens the path to a very profound knowledge of who we really are.

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