Tobias is the founder and creator of The 5 Elements Wisdom Academy. He is a Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Acupuncturist, Master Face Reader, Body Worker and Therapist with 17 years of clinical practise in the field of ancient healing.

Originally from Denmark, now teaching and living with his wife Marcela and baby boy, between Asia and Europe. Tobias has dedicated his life to bringing The Wisdom of Nature and the Elements to the world and has to date assisted 15.000+ people in healing and health improvement, through the various healing modalities.

Tobias is passionate about free-diving as a meditative practice and the exploration of our aquatic Nature, while his biggest teacher has become his son, which adequately is named Ocean.:)

If we can decipher the meaning of the Elements within us we get the tools to live in harmony with ourselves and the Nature that surrounds us. Discovering our True Nature is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves. May we all prosper and live happy, healthy lives.

Tobias´ s intimate journey with Mother Earth and the Elements of Nature, began in the year 2000 when he was 22 years old and went on a spiritual quest to Peru. Here he met a shaman that took him under her wings, guided in ceremony and sacred rituals with the medicinal plants of the Andes. Tobias awakened into an intimate connection with all living things, explored the psyche, beliefs and cultural conditionings, cleansed his body and spirit and came out on the other side many months later with a changed perception of reality – the natural world, and his own place in it.

The newly acquired insights and clarity gave him an abundance of “juice” to explore further his own being and the myriad layers of existence. The following year he went back to Peru and got initiated into the Inka Tradition, by High Priest, Javier Benino. It kick-started a path of “dreaming” his world into existence on a daily basis, that has been his close companion to this day.

To further his understanding he knew he had to seek refuge in the ancient healing traditions of Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and the shamanic traditions around the world – and so he did.! A 7 year nomadic journey that took him to Sri Lanka, India, China, Tibet, Nepal, Egypt, South and Central America, among others.

Following this odyssey, he went back to Denmark to share the pearls of wisdom that he had acquired along the way – and to base himself. In the same breath Tobias realised that his main focus had been on the esoteric spiritual teachings and the higher realms – and he needed to pull it down to the ground and integrate it. He needed a “language” and approach that was easily accessible to everyone and he had a strong desire to bridge the eastern esoteric teachings with the western medical establishment – his spiritual ego didn’t want to be put in the box of the airy fairy, aloof healer:) So he studied and got certified in anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and embarked on a 3 year intense schooling of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. Did post graduate programs in The Chinese Medicine universities of Chengdu and Beijing and studied the art of Face Reading under the direct guidance of the No.1 authority in the world – Lilian Pearl Bridges.

Since 2004 he has been practicing his healing modalities in a busy clinic in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark alongside other therapists, chiropractors and doctors and have assisted in the healing and well-being of 15000+ clients to this day.

Tobias have continued to study and travel extensively to sacred sites around the world.

His mission and passion is to convey the wisdom of the ancestors. The ancient taoist physicians of Chinese Medicine, The medicine men, (shamans) of South- and Central America and the Indian sages of Yoga.

What all the ancient healing traditions have in common is that they looked at nature for answers, to convey their message of balance and healing.

His wish is that this knowledge will transform into wisdom as it is being lived out in the world by individuals and dedicated seekers of Truth and self inquiry. He has not invented anything new:) but he has created a unique, one of a kind program from his understanding of The 5 Elements of Nature, that will guide the participants through the different aspects of their own being in relation to the natural world and the elements/phases of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal within and outside of ourselves, both in a theoretical and practical way.

This is his gift to the world – To assist in the process of coming closer to our true selves – our “True Face”. and the natural environment around us.

  • Akupunkturskolen, Copenhagen, Denmark. 2008-2010
  • “Hero” training with Gi Gong for kids and youth – Helteskolen, Copenhagen, Denmark. 2008-2009
  • Anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and pathology by Dr. Ole Købke, Copenhagen. 2006-2007
  • Hypnotherapy – Hypnoseskolen, Copenhagen, (1year),2004
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnoseskolen, (1 year),Copenhagen, 2004
  • Massage-Samadhi Ayurvedic School of Health, (400 hours) Sri Lanka 2001
  • PA (practicing acupuncturist)
  • RAB (Registred Alternative Behandler (therapist) ”Danmark” – eligible for insurance clients.
  • Eligible for Business – and private Health Care insurance.
  • “Ling”, “Magic” module (1 week intensive), by Lilian Pearl Bridges, Bath, England, 2020
  • Modern Acupuncture, by John Boel Sr, Copenhagen, April, 2017
  • Acu Nova by John Boel Jr, Copenhagen, Aug. 2016
  • 5 Element Living workshop (1 week intensive) by Lilian Pearl Bridges, San Diego, U.S.A, 2015
  • Golden Path counsellor, “Ming”, “Your Heavenly Mandate”, Module (1 week intensive), by Lilian Pearl Bridges, San Diego, U.S.A 2015
  • Master Face Reader program, by Lilian Pearl Bridges, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2013-14
  • Posturology course, Anne Marie Vester, Holstebro, Denmark sept. 2013
  • 5 Element Yoga Therapy intensive training (300hours), Goa, India, Oct Nov. 2012
  • Clinical practise( 2 weeks) at Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital, China 2011
  • Patent Herbal Medicine – Charles Buck, (6months), Copenhagen, Denmark 2011
  • Dalai Lama´s Tibetan Medicine Institute, Dharamsala Indien, (2 weeks) 2011.
    Posturology – Dr. Marignan, Holstebro, Denmark 2011
  • Clinical practise (1month) at Chengdu Acupuncture Hospital, China 2010
  • Tuina massage – Dr .Ping, Akupunkturskolen, Copenhagen. 2010
  • Auricolo therapy – Annemarie Vester, Holstebro, Denmark 2010
  • Facial diagnosis– Lilian Bridges, Akupunkturskolen, Copenhagen. 2009
  • ”The Energetics of Food” – Daverick Leggett, Akupunkturskolen, Copenhagen. 2009
  • Organ Detox massage, (1 week intensive) Chang MaiThailand, 2008
  • Re-connective healing 1 & 2 – Dr. Eric Pearl, Copenhagen, 2004
  • Re-connective healing 3 – Dr. Eric Pearl, Germany, 2004
  • Initiated into the Inca Tradition, Peru 2003
    Reiki healing – Nadia Petrovia, Guatemala, 2002

Traditional Chinese Medicine Conference, Rothenburg, Germany 2010-2014

  • Master Scuba Diver, Honduras, 2004
  • Master Free diver, Thailand, 2016


Ever wondered about your ‘True Calling’, ‘Golden Path’ or the reason ‘why you are here today’?

For many years these questions were the main steering point for Nienke Stoop (1975) who spend her youth living in different countries before settling in The Netherlands and starting her Medical Training at the University of Groningen.

Besides being a Medical Doctor, Nienke was trained to be an Acupuncturist, Master Face Reader, Life Coach and Healer.

After her education in Western Medicine and Eastern Healing and Meditation modalities she extended her training in Integrative Medicine working with HeartMath and Being in Balance coaching, whilst using biofeedback and biofoton technology in her clinic in the Netherlands.
She is dedicated to bridging Western science and Eastern wisdom, facilitating the dawn of a new paradigm in Personal Health, Medicine and Healing.

Nienke is living in the Netherlands together with her husband and their 3 sons.

Peace on Earth starts before Birth.
Nienke’s work in The Netherlands is centered around Fertility and Pregnancy care. She is deeply committed to offering the newborns on this earth a love filled and peaceful start to life.
Guiding her clients in deep personal transformation she facilitates the realization of true health and vitality, the creation of intimate relationships as well as the discovery of one’s ‘souls purpose’.

“As clients start to discover and release epigenetic imprints, ((pre)natal) trauma and limiting belief systems their innate vitality returns. This is a stepping stone to the experience of deep connection, freedom and awakening.
Now a new way of living, in alignment with one’s true nature and talents, comes naturally. 
Often this is paired with restored fertility and the blessing of conscious parenthood.”

As one of the co- creators and main teachers within the 5 Elements Wisdom Academy Nienke will be offering teachings on Nutrition, Science and Spirituality. Besides facilitating different workshops in every Element, as well as practices in Heart coherence, Qi Gong and guided meditation.

  • Bachelors in Psychology – 1996
  • Medical Degree University of Groningen – The Netherlands  1996-2003
  • Omega Health Coach, Roy Martina, The Netherlands – 2004
  • HeartMath Institute  Benelux – Coach 2007
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture –  The Netherlands – 2004-2008
  • HeartMath Institute Benelux – Trainer 2012
  • Being in Balance Coach (Biophoton Assesment) – Daniel Zavrel – The Netherlands – 2016
  • Dalai Lama´s Tibetan Medicine Institute, Dharamsala India, (6 weeks) 2002.
  • Golden Path Face Reading, Lilian Bridges – 2010
  • Embryology in TCM – Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée – 2010
  • Facial diagnosis– Lilian Bridges – 2011
  • Treatment of Pregnancy disorders in TCM – Martine Cornelissen – The Netherlands – 2012
  • Embryosofie – Jaap van der Wal – 2010
  • Healing and Reading – Psychospiritual Medicine – Renee Gloudemans – Amsterdam, NL 2004 – 2012
  • Master Face Reader program, by Lilian Pearl Bridges, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2013-14
  • One Minute Diagnosis – Yair Maimon – The Netherlands 2015
  • Golden Path counsellor, “Ming”, “Your Heavenly Mandate”, Module (1 week intensive), by Lilian Pearl Bridges, Hamburg – 2016
  • Shen Acupuncture – Yair Maimon – The Netherlands 2016-2017
  • Epigenetics, Systemic work and sound healing- Psycho-spiritual Medicine – Renee Gloudemans, Amsterdam, NL
  • “Ling”, “Magic” module (1 week intensive), by Lilian Pearl Bridges, Bath, England, 2020
  • Meditation Retreats and Teachers:
    Lu Jong, Tsa Lung, Tsor Gom, Kyullu, Bliss, Guru Yoga (Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche 2006-2020)
  • Ngondro (Bokar Rinpoche, 2002-2003)
  • Ecstatic Meditation (Padme Ananda Rinpoche, 2010-2018)
  • Tai Chi and (Qi Neng) Qi Gong – 1995-2020
Nienke Stoop


Marcela is originally from Brazil but spends most of her time in Thailand, Bali and Europe teaching Yoga Teacher Trainings, Immersions and Retreats. In her 10 years of practice, she has taught more than 15 Teacher Trainings and certified over 300 Yoga Teachers from all over the world.

Marcela is 500 hours RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) with Yoga Alliance, trained in 5 Elements Yoga Therapy, Ashtanga, Rocket Vinyasa and Yin Yoga and co-Founder of the 5 Elements Wisdom Academy.

With a Bachelor in International Affairs and a Masters in Business Economics and Management of Sustainability, she worked for the United Nations as well as in corporate and public sectors for many years. Through yoga and meditation, she found transformation. She was finally able to hear the calling of her soul and have the courage and self-confidence to go live it. For her, this is what yoga is all about. A pathway to become the most authentic version of ourselves.

With her passion of understanding the world thru the lenses of the 5 Elements of Nature and her admiration of the human complexity, combined with her caring and playful personality, Marcela creates the perfect environment for her students to go inwards and explore their true nature as well as learn the tools to assist others in their own unique journeys.

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