How to welcome a higher sense of Groundedness and Belonging?

Which energy pathways and organs are targeted when working on the Earth Element?

– Spleen
– Stomach

Which Yin Yoga sequence can help you balance the Earth Element?

– Reclining butterfly
– Happy baby
– Half saddle
– Dragon
– Sphinx variation with knee out to side
– Butterfly
– Reclining twist
– Final relaxation and meditation

Hold each pose for 3-5 minutes. Take a rebound (break) of 1-2 minutes between each pose. Rebound can be in child’s pose, savasana shape, or any other comfortable pose for you.

What are the benefits of having a well-nourished Earth Element?

– It helps us to develop a feeling of grounded-ness and belonging.
– A sense of being fully embodied, whole.
– Improve the balance in ourselves and our relationships.

What is the Earth Element affiliated with on an emotional level?

– The Earth Element is commonly affiliated with the worrying or rumination process.
– When our minds are busy over-thinking, it hinders us from being grounded and impairs harmony between the mind-body connection.

What is the Earth Element associated with on a physical level?

– The Spleen (not the same as the Western medical spleen) is related to the digestive system.
– A person with a poor digestive system usually cannot think clearly, hence the importance of a well-functioning Spleen.

What is the Earth Element affiliated with on a mental level?

– A person with a well-functioning Spleen tends to feel more centered and grounded.
– This enables us to reduce stress.
– It helps to keep life in perspective when it gets tough, and that can help maintain optimal physical health.
– Thinking is also endowed to the Earth Element; therefore, over-studying can result in a compromised Earth Element. As one of my TCM teachers says, studying drinks the blood.

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